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Working for the right manager: what to look for

February 25, 2011 4 comments

I could not help myself but to write this blog entry.

It’s very well known that the majority of individuals who elect to leave a company leave because they did not work for the right manager.   The reverse is also true.  Many individuals with multiple job offers will most likely choose an offer where they will work for the right manager.

So … what makes a manager the right manager to work for?

One of my former colleagues, “M”, called me and asked for my advice.   “M” is considering an offer from one of the best technology companies in the world.  It’s a great offer which comes with an added benefit:  several software engineering teams want “M”.

My advice:  select a team with the right manager.   “M” asked me the very same question, “how do I choose the right manager”.

I was glad to share my advice.  The right manager will …

– Lead first, manage second

– Listen first;  answer second

– Make every loser feel like a winner (up to a certain point)

– Always depend on why something is important for the customer as the reason for specific action

– Take an active interest in your career;  will cheerfully answer how he / she develops their team members

– Remain confident when surrounded by people who are much smarter

And – will always show signs of believing and practicing one universal truth …

“If you take care of the who, the what and the when will come”

I wonder how many readers of this blog will respond with a confirmation whether they are working for the right manager.