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2014 New Year resolutions for everyone in a CTO role

This year, I will only focus on  ‘people’ component of ‘people, process, and technology’ equation for success.

Sustainable competitive advantage can only become an achievable goal when an organization is being built – by design – to operate at the highest possible level.  Without it, sustainable competitive advantage is only a dream.

Retain like you attract.   

Attracting a star performance is exceedingly difficult.   Once hired, the difficult work continues.   Are your star performers happy?  How do you know they are working on the right tasks?  How much time are you spending developing your organization?  Is the vision clear?  Is the plan to realize the vision clear?

Employees do not leave companies.  They leave managers.   Know your managers.

When was the last time you took the time to assess your own management team?  What should the bar be for the management team?   Do your managers know the “Right Side Up” organizational principle where managers work for their own employees, set clear objectives & measures of success, empower & equip, and then get out of the way?  Do they know the difference between leading and managing?

Plan without action is futile.  Action without a plan is fatal.   Plan well. 

The best plans enjoy the support of the entire team.  Even the most difficult plans with clear business outcomes will be supported by your team.  Yet no one will follow you if the plan doesn’t explain how all the hard work ahead will create sustainable benefits for the business.


It’s very easy to describe something very complex. It’s incredibly difficult to transform a very complex topic (or goal) and make it simple.   Once simplified, the effort to build viable plan becomes equally simpler.

Only happy people build great software.   Build a dialog with every team member.

Happy people are happy at work and at home.  They are free to create and innovate.  How well do you know every team member?   Get to know them again in 2014.

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