Leon Kotovich is CEO of http://www.agilesequent.com, a software consulting company based in Orange County, CA.     He is passionate about building market-making (not just market-leading) software products.

What I do:  in short – CTO for hire.  Many software companies hire me to …

– Lead very complex software engineering efforts (refactoring under performing products)
– Lead new product development efforts
– Transform global software engineering organizations:  from good enough to world class;  experience building teams in Eastern Europe (Russia and Latvia)  and India
– Transform product management process:   what products do we need to achieve targeted revenue / margin / market share / mind share objectives
– Perform technology due diligence during M&A activities
– Become an interim CTO – and while leading product management and engineering initiatives critical to growth – help hire the new CTO

“Relentless pursuit of a sustainable competitive advantage. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence (Calvin Coolidge)”

How to contact me:

Linkedin Please feel free to contact me via Linkedin or simply send me a Linkedin invitation to stay in touch.

I welcome comments and contacts from everyone, especially enterprise software professionals.

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