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Dinner in Vienna, Austria and then coffee at Cafe Demel

I am a big fan of Vienna, Austria. If one has to fly to Eastern Europe on business, Austrian Airlines has very convenient flights from Vienna Airport to cities in Russia and Ukraine. I preferred to fly via Austrian Airlines to Krasnodar instead of flying through Moscow.

Transiting and sleeping over in Vienna is a breeze. NH Hotels has a property within walking distance from the arrivals terminal. In 5 minutes of getting my luggage from the conveyer belt, I was already checking in and thinking about dinner plans.

How about jumping into a cab and getting some dinner in Vienna?

It would be difficult not to suggest Steirereck in Statdpark. I dined at Steirereck many times and the food is simply exceptional.

Next – let’s get some coffee at Cafe Demel which is perhaps the best cafe in Europe.

If you have some extra time, take the train the Prague and enjoy dinner at La Degustation or Coda.

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